Vertical Sky –

from Switzerland, for the World

The silent solution for economic power production

Vertical Sky – vertical-axis wind turbine for decentralized energy production

Vertical Sky® by Agile Wind Power is a range of large, high-power and scalable vertical-axis wind turbines, ranging from 750kW bis 1,5 MW.

Vertical Sky® outperforms conventional, horizontal-axis wind turbines in decentralized energy production. The patented technology is the result of Swiss research and development. At the core of the innovation is the rotor blade pitch control, which is controlling the rotor blades in real-time and is continuously self-optimizing the rotor blades pitch to ensure an efficient operation at any time.

Vertical Sky Technology at a glance

Real-time optimization of the rotor blade

AI based Control System for high efficiency

Constant wind direction tracking & adjustment

Gearless and air-cooled drive

Robust design for a operation of > 25 years

Swiss designed, engineered and patented

Vertical Sky – your benefits


3 times less noise

the low rotation speed of the Vertical Sky windmill is reducing the noise emmission by factor three compared to a conventionional windmill

90% lower risk for birds and bats

the slow turning blades are recognizable for animals and are therefore not a threat, as caused by conventional windmills

Low-maintenance design

Vertical Sky has been designed with a particular focus on achieving a near maintenance free operation. The maintenance efforts are up to 70% lower compared to conventional windmills

20…30% savings in logistics and erection

no special vehicles, helicopters or tools are required to transport and erect your Vertical Sky windmill, leading to faster build and commissioning and lower cost

Faster approval process

the benefits of Vertical Sky are convincing regulators and approving authorities, leading to faster approvals of projects. The Vertical Sky technology has allowed investors to reactivate earlier rejected projects due to the improved characteristics.

Vertical Sky – Tailored to your needs

The Vertical Sky Windmills will be available for the IEC 61400 wind classes IIA and IIIA. The power generation is tailored to your requirements of your decentralized power plant, to achieve a maximum economic efficiency. Vertical Sky can also complement your existing wind park, to improve your economic returns.

Turn-Key Solutions

ELCA is the accredited partner of Agile Wind Power for the Middle East and Sri Lanka – your partner from idea and requirements to build, commissioning and acceptance testing.

We’re supporting all Maintenance & Operation requirements across the entire life-cycle to ensure, that your Vertical Sky project is becoming a landmark in your region.

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