Smart Home

ELCA provides turn-key solution for homes that are smarter, more comfortable, efficient, safer, leading to lower operating costs, help to protect the environment and deliver a substantial ROI.


Use resources wise and controlled. Safe money and protect the environment  


Protect what is of value for you and have control about what’s going on – anytime  


Enjoy the convenience of a well managed home, which adapts to you, and not vice versa


Seamless Integration as part of the system foundation enables your ideas 


Enjoy simple and logic infrastructure and HMI for the control of your building


However your needs are developing over time – the ELCA Smart Home is at your side

A comprehensive Smart Home Solution

Our Smart Home solution is tailored to your particular current as well as future requirements. It’s built on open and defacto-standard technologies, ensuring that your building infrastructure is evolving with your needs and ideas.

Technologies & Standards

The Controls

iNELS is providing a maximum of flexibility, how to control the Smart Home. All ways are seamless integrated to avoid conflicts.

The options are from conventional wall switches with a large selection of materials and styles, to a programmable touch unit, programmable key chain, a stylish glass touch screen, the smart phone / tablet app to the central Touch Panel or your Smart TV.

Away from Home?

Control your property over the easy to use Mobile/Tablet App. Intelligent scenes are ensuring, your home is welcoming you, the way you like it.

Smart Sensors are keeping your Home safe at any time, while you’re away

Home Control

iNELS Home Control provides a state-of-the-art frontent to control the entire Smart Home from Lighting to Appliances, Climate (AC / Ventilation), Security, Blinds, etc.

The presented information and control is identical,  irrespective whether it is accessed by the Smart TV, Tablet, Computer or SmartPhone.  

Smart Home Wireless

Ever dreamed of a entirely wireless Home Automation Solution? Your dream has become reality: iNELS Home Automation provides a full range of wireless products, which can be combined with the wired products to find the ideal solution for your Smart Home

Does design matter? YES!

iNELS provides a wide range of designs for its wall controllers. From the economic, colorful controllers, over the stylish glass touch fronts to the programmable tablet controllers in various sizes: your solution is in sight! For any special requirements, please talk to us!  

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