Hotel Refurbishment

Enrich the Guest experience and improve the Operational and Energy efficiency

Growing functional and comfort demands of clients, regulatory and safety changes and the ambition to meet the efficiency targets are pushing the requirements, to be fulfilled by a modern hotel constantly. A Hotel Refurbishment project on the other side is a financial and operational challenge and everything must be done to make it successful: there is no room for a fail.

Your Challenges – our Promises

Elca Systems has a rich experience in realizing Hotel Automation projects and has a broad track record of successfully realized projects. Whether you’re looking for a Turn-Key Provider or a particular function in your project: ELCA is your go-to partner


The ELCA staff has a long lasting experience of working in sensitive environments. We have delivered thousands of 5 star rooms for the satisfaction of our clients.


Each Project is planned and controlled by qualified Project Managers (Agile Project Methodology). The  operational procedures ensure that best results are achieved for the clients.

Speed of

Our highly optimized delivery methodology and Quality management and the chosen on state-of-the-art technology ensure that agreed project targets are met as agreed.

Guest Disturbance

Your clients are our clients. It’s our distinct goal to disturb your operation as little as possible, and to meet respective criteria agreed during the project setup.


We’re carefully listening to your requirements and will design a unique solution, supporting the individual brand message of your house. 

Refurbish Portfolio – what we Do for You

Guest Room Refurbishment

Upgrade your guest rooms to the latest GRMS technology, including App room controls and RF wireless technology. Implement energy saving measures by smart room controls and spohisticated statistics about the room usage.

  • Requirements assessment
  • GRMS solution design incl options 
  • Build of mock-up rooms
  • Design & Implement of the control  infrastructure (hardware & software)
  • Room refurbishment
  • Preventive maintenance

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Is your Hotel Energy Efficient? Do you have the evidence to understand the drivers behind your Energy consumption? A detailed, regular analysis of the energy consumption can provide early indications about upcoming issues in your infrastructure like HVAC etc. 

  • Requirements assessment (is the system meeting your current requirements?)
  • Infrastructure health-check to identify potential weaknesses
  • Design & implementation of energy efficiency improvements
  • Design & Implement surveillance and control  infrastructure 
  • Elimination of safety relevant findings
  • System overhaul 
  • Staff training
  • Preventive maintenance

Acoustic Improvements

Acoustic Systems – from the broadcast system to the PA system in the restaurants, bars and conference rooms are vital infrastructures assets and highly relevant in the revenue generation: it can make the difference of being booked for an event. 

A regular review of the infrastructure readiness and efficiency/quality is as important as the regular check-up of the service quality.    

  • Requirements assessment (is the system meeting your current requirements?)
  • Infrastructure health-check, including acoustic measurements
  • Design & implementation of system improvements
  • Elimination of safety relevant findings (power / rigging / etc)
  • System overhaul (PA, Amp, Speaker, Cable, etc)
  • Staff training
  • Preventive maintenance
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