ELCA is providing turn-key engineering solutions for any kind of electrical, electro-mechanical and electronical challenges you might face from eLV, LV, MV and up to HV (400kV).

Project Management


Technology projects have become vital for organizations. While these projects and programs can bring substantial benefits, if not properly managed, they can have a serious negative impact on business performance.

ELCA offers a professional approach of managing your ideas and visions to becoming a reality through active project involvement throughout the life cycle. We make sure our solutions are delivered to our clients maintaining high quality, timeliness and in the budget.

Our services are delivered by using well established methodologies, concepts and practices for the project planning and implementation.



Project Management Services

  • Experienced project management team with over 300 executed projects
  • We manage your project with the utmost attention to detail and make sure all stakeholders are informed at all times

Document Control Services

  • Plan, implement and operate the document management process and system to provide a managed, auditable, version and revision controlled, electronic environment of the entire projects documentation
  • Support the client Quality Assurance Audits (QAA)
  • Ensure the document availability according to industry standards across the whole project life cycle and during the handover to the client

RF Shielding Solutions

ELCA is providing turn-key shielding solutions to protect your sensitive data and infrastructure against external threats and to protect the environment from electro-magnetic radiation generated by infrastructures. Shielding solutions are usually required for Data Centres, Hospitals and Research Laboratories, Defence and any other sensitive infrastructures.

ELCA is your partner from on-site assessment to EMF exposure illustration and EMF modelling (3D designs and Gauss Line diagrams) and supports you in achieving the required approval. 

After the shielding design has been approved by the client and engineer, ELCA is manufacturing and installing the entire shielding solution, including shielded windows/doors, suspended ceiling, lighting any panels and connections. The onsite acceptance testing is concluding this step.


  • Onsite Assessment and ocumentation of the EMF exposure, based on your CAD drawings
  • 3D design, Gauss simulation
  • Shielding material evaluation and selection and provision of the BOQ and pricing details
  • Material procurement and testing
  • Preparation of the shielding solution in the factory
  • Ensuring Project logistics and delivery of all materials to the project site
  • Preparation of all required documents for the installation (method statement etc)
  • Installation and Testing
  • Acceptance testing and documentation of the installation

Thermal / Vibration / Harmonic / Acoustic Improvements

ELCA is providing Engineering Services to periodically assess and improve your operational environment. The services include:

  • Thermal Analysis, to identify threats in your electrical installation

  • Vibration Analysis, to preventive avoid damages and resulting down-time on your equipment

  • Harmonics Analysis, to reduce power consumption and avoid infrastructure damages

  • Acoustic Analysis, to optimize the work- and operational environment


  • Long-term or one-time planning of the assessment, including method statement
  • Execute and document the onsite assessment
  • Preparation of the threat analysis and suggest corrective measures to the client
  • Planning and implementation of the approved improvements in line with the client needs
  • Re-Assessment of the infrastructure to document the improvements and document the changes
  • Ensuring the project logistics and procurement/delivery of all required materials to the project site
  • Acceptance testing and documentation of the installation

Test & Commissioning


ELCA has an image of excellent skills and quality service and offers professional expertise during testing, commissioning and maintenance of electrical power systems of various voltage levels (400/132/33/11kV).

We undertake complete Continuity checks, AC Distribution board/ LVAC board checks, DC Distribution board and UPS checks, GIS/LCC – Substation Testing, Relay Panels and Bus Bar Protection Panels testing, Power Transformers testing, Switch Gear and Protection Panels testing, Auxiliary Transformers testing, as well as Stability Checks & Commissioning activities.



  • 400kV System
  • 132kV System
  • 11kV System with Power cable Testing
  • LVAC System
  • DC Supply for Control/Protection
  • Power Transformers & Earthing Transformers
  • Fault Recorder Panel Coordination
  • Earthing System
  • Remote End Works