In the modern economy, energy is essential for growth. Inadequate infrastructure, distribution and transmission losses as well as pilferage are the main challenges in the power sector. ELCA focuses on the liberation of energy by reducing the inefficiencies in the distribution of power. Our services and solutions enhance the viability and efficiencies of the utilities industry.

Optimitive – Energy Saving Solution

Optimitive is a non-invasive system to identify and eliminate energy wasting in process systems, achieving optimizations of 5%…20%. The system is proven in industrial applications (Oil & Gas / any kind of process industry / etc.) as well as in building management applications (HVAC / elevator and escalator / etc.)

The Machine Learning Engine of Optimitive is docked to the SCADA/BMS system to learn the patterns and system behaviours. Based on these information, the system is suggesting optimizations. Optimitive has a simulation engine, allowing the users to simulate operation. Optimized states can be loaded back into the operational system Optimitive is financed through the materialized savings




  • OPTIBAT® is seamlessly integrated with the plant control systems (SCADA, DCS, BMS), collecting vital information about the energy consumption.
  • This data is continuously processed in the OPTIBAT® Machine Learning Engine, to maximize the energy efficiency across the process
  • The resulting corrections can be fed back to the plant control system either automatically, semi- automatic or manually, as requested by the client
  • Clients have an additional platform to generate simulations of the energy consumption
  • On- and offline data analytic and scenario simulation of optimization, based on effective values (result can be uploaded to the operational system)
  • Customized dashboard for real-time monitoring of energy savings and optimization monitoring


Grid Consulting

  Our services includes the detection of energy and revenue leakages, assessing power networks/infrastructure, constructing new networks, upgrading existing networks and automating operations. We provide a wide range of products, including customer care platforms, advanced billing and metering solutions, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions and smart grid applications. services distribution systems, substations and switchyards.  


  • Automated Meter Reading/Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Billing Solution (Metering, Billing and Collection)
  • Network Automation
  • Smart Grid solutions