ELCA is providing automation solutions to support its clients in the implementation of business automation, integration and digitization projects with the aim to improve the service quality and efficiency as well as meeting the economic and ecological ambitions.

Utility Automation

Utility Automation and process control has become increasingly complex and the concepts and systems are evolving very fast. It is vital to maintain an architecture that homogeneously supports all of the technologies to ensure process optimization, system functionality, and cost controls.

Our automation engineers provide planning, design, applications programming, implementation, commissioning, and training services for distributed control systems, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and computer-based monitoring, control and simulation systems.

SCMS System

  • Design and build of BCUs, RTU, Protocol Converters and Gateways

  • Design and built of SCADA Marshaling Panels / Cross Connection Panels

PLC Design & Programming

  • Design an build of PLC infrastructures and panels

  • Coding using ladder logic, function block diagrams, structured text and instructional lists and base don IEC 61131

HMI Development

  • Broad range of development experience with industry leading HMI platforms like VTScada, InduSoft Web Studio, Wonderware InTouch, Proficy HMI/SCADA-iFix, and WinCC

  • Support and design of the entire HMI development process including Microsoft SQL, ActiveX controls and .NET controls integration

  • Uniquely develpment of the user interfaces (GUI) for each SCADA project

System Integration

  • Integrate access to real-time data, automated reporting, smart phone/tablet enabled functions, secured web access clients, and surveillance device notifications to provide a total HMI solution deployment

  • GSM/GPRS, Radio based communication solutions

  • Design and build Control and Instrumentation Solution

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is the imperative with respect to control, efficiency and quality gain of any process industry environments. We support your projects on the Field-, Control- and Production Control-Level with our Design and Implementation competences.

In combination with our Engineering Services, and Energy Efficiency Services  we support our clients in the long-term management of Industrial Automation installations.

ELCA provides the full spectrum of Industrial Automation services to its clients

  • Functional Design Specification (FDS)

  • Creation of electro-mechanical engineering and design

  • Supply of automation systems (hardware / Software / sensors / actuators)

  • Process Software / HMI development

  • Installation services, commissioning  and acceptance testing

  • Optimization services

  • Training

Building Automation

Building Automation subsums all services and systems used to ensure an efficient, economic and ecological operation of a building. The Building Management System (BMS) is the centralized control system, supervising and steering all the required services and functions, like HVAC, lighting control, security and access functions, etc.

ELCA is your turnkey partner for design, upgrading and retrofit of your Building Automation project, covering all stages from design, build, implementation, testing & commissioning and operation

Villa and small Buildings

  • design of the required services
  • procurement and implementation of the solution (hardware / software / sensors / actuators)
  • programming of the control system and HMI, including mobile devices
  • energy metering and power management
  • training of the owners and operation staff
  • life-cycle support

Larger infrastructures

  • solution design, including BMS based on open industry standards like BACnet, ModBus, etc
  • procurement and implementation of the solution (hardware / software / sensors / actuators)
  • programming of the control system and HMI, including mobile devices
  • training of the operation staff
  • life-cycle support

Guest Room Automation

Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS) is the infrastructure to fulfill the ambitions of modern hotel installations of

  • Enhancing the Guest Experience
  • Improve of the Operational Efficiency
  • Seamless Integrate the Hotel Infrastructure

ELCA has provided GRMS solutions to a signature hotel projects. Based on our experience, we provide GRMS project in highest quality, within very short implementation cycles ensuring a minimal disruption of the project. Dependent on the size and nature of the project, ELCA is acting as the turn-key GRMS solution supplier or can provide the integration services.

ELCA is providing a set of agile and tailored service, to be tightly aligned and integrated to your particular requirements.

Our services include:

  • GRMS vendor-independent solution consulting including vendor evaluation
  • GRMS solution design
  • Project procurement and logistics services
  • Panel design
  • Panel integration either on-site or in the ELCA factory
  • Installation services, tightly aligned with the project progress
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Training Services
  • Life cycle support (incl periodic status review and improvements)  to ensure the solution effectiveness over the entire life cycle

Our experience from day2day project works allows us to highly optimize the project work and to ensure a minimal invasive realization of the mandated services.
As a Vendor Independent Integrator, ELCA is experienced in working with all major GRMS solutions and can provide respective consulting services to find the best possible solution for our clients.


Lighting Control

Design, Build, Integrate and Operate Smart Lighting Control Solutions based on Dali-2 standards. Zencontrol Cloud provides great technological advantages like multi-site control, remote commissioning, dynamic installation and sophisticated user management.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is lighting devoted to enhancing human performance, comfort, health and well-being. Zencontrol is providing a number of particular HCL functionalities “out of the box”

Zencontrol Analytics allows you in depth light control across the entire life cycle of the power usage mapping, lux level mapping, color shift tracking, light lifetime tracking or room occupancy usage mapping.

Zencontrol allows easy integration and control of other systems and devices like security systems, non-Dali-2 fixed loads, blinds, HVAC’s, audio-visual systems, etc.

BACnet and Modbus integration modules, as well as the provided KNX connectivity is making Zencontrol the platform of choice for any control projects.


We are ZenControl Gold Partner, representing the company in the GCC region and Sri Lanka.

  • Light Solution Design in cooperation with the architect, based on the requirements specification

  • Evaluation of the required hardware and software

  • Provision and installation of the infrastructure

  • Programming and commissioning of the solution

  • System Safety Management

  • Training and lifecycle support (expansions, adoptions to new requirements, technology upgrades, etc.)

  • Provision of Smart and Swarm Lighting Products