Shielding Solutions

ELCA Systems LLC is providing turn-key shielding solutions to protect your sensitive data and infrastructure against external threats and to protect the environment from electro-magnetic radiation generated by infrastructures.

ELCA Systems is providing customized solutions for Data Centres, Hospitals and Research Laboratories, Defence and for the protection of any other sensitive infrastructures

The exposure of biological organisms to very intense fields, even for a short period of time, can have serious health implications. In its Reminder 322 (2007), the WHO speaks about “…Low frequency magnetic fields… cause the stimulation of nerves and muscles as well as changes in the excitement of the central nervous system’s cells…”


The International Electrotechnical Organization (IEC), has issued the norms EN61000 4-8 (Electromagnetic Compatibility), and EN61602 (Audio, Visual and Audiovisual Engineering) and others, regulating the application of shielding . Electromagnetic fields, even of low intensity, can interfere with the proper operation of electronic equipment, whose malfunction can cause damage, a risk, or an inconvenience.

Shielding Engineering


Whatever shall be shielded, ELCA is the partner from on-site assessment to EMF exposure illustration to EMF modelling (3D designs and Gauss Line diagrams)


  • Documentation of the EMF exposure, based on your CAD drawings
  • Onsite Assessment
  • 3D design
  • Gauss simulation
  • Shielding material evaluation and selection
  • Provision of the BOQ and pricing details

Shielding Turnkey Projects


After the shielding design has been approved by the client and engineer, ELCA is manufacturing and installing the entire shielding solution, including shielded windows/doors, suspended ceiling, lighting any panels and connections. The onsite acceptance testing is concluding this step. 




  • Material procurement and testing
  • Preparation of the shielding solution in the factory
  • Ensuring Project logistics and delivery of all materials to the project site
  • Preparation of all required documents for the installation (method statement etc)
  • Installation and Testing
  • Acceptance testing and documentation of the installation

G-iron SuperFlex®


G-iron Superflex is a very flexible and versatile shielding material for new and refurbish installation. The material provides superior shielding performance by minimal weight of 3.6km/sqm and allows to shield any kind of complex projects with a minimal effort at a CAPEX 25…30% lower than conventional shielding.
Depending on the application, G-iron Superflex can be applied in multiple layers or combined with other shielding materials. Combined with a 25years warranty, G-iron Superflex is the product of choice for your Shielding requirements.

G-iron Superflex has been developed in conjunction with major universities and research labs




G-iron Superflex is a superior shielding material for LF electro-magnetic waves, with many benefits for your projects: 

  • Efficient, for all shielding requirement from 0 Hz-50kHz
  • Cost effective, 25% to 30 % lower CAPEX than conventional shielding
  • Lightweight, only 3.6 kg/m2 and 0.6mm thick for minimal static requirements and supporting structures
  • Research based, development involving University of Pisa, NRC, INFN
  • Flexible, easily applicable to any surface and structure
  • Fast installed, minimal impact on the operation
  • Retrofit grade, the flexibility of G-Iron allows simple retrofitting
  • Shielding Effect, can be improved by applying multiple layers
  • Experienced, 20 years of successful realized projects