Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation (IA), is the connecting of factory equipment to ensure and improve the efficiency and reliability of process control systems. This in turn leads to lower costs, improved quality, increased flexibility and less environmental impact.

ELCA is your partner, supporting the design and build of your IA solution, including the mechanical / electrical build-up, SCADA and PLC programming and lifecycle support. we’re supporting you in assessing and improving your existing IA infrastructure, as well as realising your refurbishment programs to make your factory more efficient and energy saving.   

The process visualization and parametrization is done on the Managment Level: triggered by the planning system (MES / MOM), the SCADA level is ensuring the management and optimization of the entire production process. It communicates with the Control System via Industrial Ethernet, ensuring a solid bandwidth.

The Automation Level is sensing, manipulating and controlling the machinery on the ground over the PLC infrastructure, executing all automation related programs. PLC stands for any kind of control system, including NC / CNC / IPC etc. The machine operators have access to the PLC over a particular, machine specific HMI, often directly attached to the machine. The PLC can also diagnose and parameterize Field Level devices.

PLCs communicate through various protocols like CAN. Both wired and wireless networks are used for communication.

The Field Level includes any kind of sensors (pressure, optical, temperature, etc.) and actuators (motors, valves, switches etc.). 

Security & Protection, including Cyber Security is essential to ensure a safe and reliable operation, as well as protecting the infrastructure from damages. The recent history shows, that IA infrastructures are becoming an increasing target for any kind of cyber attacks.

The Power Supply infrastructure includes any kind of power related equipment, lice AC/DC, DC/DC, UPS etc. The solidity and realiability of this infrastructure is crucial for the stability of the production process and the machinery.

ELCA Industrial Automation Services

  • Functional Design Specification (FDS), including the creation of electro-mechanical engineering and design
  • SCADA & PLC Design and Programming
  • Power Infrastructure / Panel Building
  • Lifetime Support including Thermal / Vibration / Harmonic / Acoustic assessment and surveillance 
  • Installation, Maintenance and Refurbishment of the mechanical and electrical / electronic infrastructure
  • Supply of Automation Systems (hardware / Software / sensors / actuators)
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