Hotel Automation

Where Guest Experience is meeting Operational Efficiency

Managing a hotel means finding answers to a a wide span of requirements: making your guests feeling home, improve the return of investment and running the infrastructure safe and energy efficient are just some of the challenges to be met.

Winning Guest Experience

Optimize Energy Efficiency

Ensure Safety & Property Mgmt

ELCA – your Turn-Key Partner for Hotel Automation 

ELCA has a long experience in designing, building and  realizing tailored Hotel projects, making your place a special one and providing your guests exactly the infrastructure experience you want to achieve. 

Energy Efficiency is a design parameter, built in all of our solutions to support a short return on investement (RoI) from the guest rooms to the restaurants, and from the recreation areas to the hotel lobby and back of house facilities

Keep your hotel a place, where your guests are feeling safe and can enjoy their stay as expected.  

Hotel Refurbish Projects

Are you looking for Hotel Refurbishment Solutions? ELCA has a extensive experience in realizing Hotel Refurbishment Projects. Interested? 

Guest Room Management Solutions

The Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS) is the infrastructure required, to fulfill the ambitions of modern hotel installations of

  • Enhancing the Guest Experience
  • Improve of the Operational Efficiency
  • Seamless Integrate the Hotel Infrastructure

ELCA has provided GRMS solutions to a signature hotel projects. Based on our experience, we provide GRMS project in highest quality, within very short implementation cycles ensuring a minimal disruption of the project. Dependent on the size and nature of the project, ELCA is acting as the turn-key GRMS solution supplier or can provide the integration services.

GRMS Solutions from ELCA

Our GRMS solutions are designed to provide you the best possible flexibility while your business grows and changes. The solution can start with a simple, economic approach and can grow to a highly sophisticated solution, providing important benefits for your clients.
The technology is allowing a mixed use in one system, to enable the use of the best fitting configuration.

Wired/Wireless Room Controller

The sophisticated Room Controller allows the mixed use of wired and wireless components. The system scales up to a hotel size of >17’000 and can control devices over DALI, 0…10V, InelsBus and RF (sensors and actuators). A BMS gateway is integrated.

Wired Room Controller

The wired Room Controller is intended for standard hotel rooms. It is equipped with one Ethernet port, to be integrated with the hotel management and BMS system. Over the integrated ModBus, a FCU can be controlled. Any other devices can be controlled by using the 12-ch actuator.

Floor Controller

The wired Floor Controller is an economic solution for simple, but efficient installations without extensive requirements. The solution can be combined with the room controller solutions, enabling a customized solution for all requirements. As also the Room Controllers, it can be integrated with the BMS and Hotel management system. All access systems are working with either key card and/or NFC communication. The access control is managed by the central reception/back-of-house system. 

Wired / Wireless 

ELCA is providing a full portfolio of GRMS controllers / sensors / actuators, which can be combined as required. 
It is a major benefit in particular for Hotel refurbish projects, to combine the technologies are even migrate the GRMS solution completely to wireless, which can accelerate the project realization significantly and eliminate potential sources of malfunction.       

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Improving the ecological footprint is pivotal for any hotel, irrespective of size and target market. One key aspect is surely linked to GRMS, but also any other parts of the hotel must be assessed and improved (Kitchen, Restaurants, Common Areas, Recreation, etc). The main focus is on the reduction of water and power usage and is done in a constant process for optimization. 

ELCA has a distinct portfolio of products to improve the ecological footprint durign construction as well as partof a refurbish program. As an ESCO company, ELCA is focussing mainly the processual / technical aspects of energy optimization.  

Safety & Property Management

ELCA is providing a complete solution portfolio to integrate any back-of-house infrastructure, lighting control, as well as power and water consumption management.
This portfolio is including also the safety and surveillance system, managing and responding on recognized threats and issues.

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